Share your email in a safe way – Get less spam

by HEMANTH KUMAR on September 28, 2010

scrim-one In this connected world, we share information on social networks, public forums etc. While sharing information on public area we should be careful, specially when sharing email. If you share your email id as a plain text like, its easy for spam bots and email harvesters to find your email and spam you. Lot of people changed their email ids just because of flooded spam mails. But, its necessary to share your email id on public sites. So, How to share your email id safely on public sites and social network?

We are aware of URL shortening services, Just like that a free service called will convert your email into a safe and short URL. It will convert to  You no need to sign up to use this service.

Once you open, it looks like the screen blow. just enter your email id and enter URL to choose your own or leave blank. Then click on Protect my email.


Now you can see a screen shown below. 


So, you can share’s short and safe URL instead of email id.

If any one open this short URL, ask them to verify that they are human by matching the code, this cannot be done by automated scripts or bots.


If they click on the correct matching code, the can see your email id as shown in the screen below.


It may be a bit lengthy process, but your security is important.  So, start sharing you URL.

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