WikiLeak’s Effect: PayPal, PostFinance and Mastercard attacked

by HEMANTH KUMAR on December 8, 2010

wikileaksThe unknown supporters of WikiLeaks targeted several companies who stopped service to WikiLeaks and refusing to do business. A hacker group from 4chan attacked PayPal using distributed denial of service (DDos). They attacked even on Swiss bank PostFinance and it wen offline. The group said that any website that is blowing down to government pressure to stop services to WikiLeaks is target.

PayPal stopped processing donations to WikiLeaks. Supporters of Wikileaks attacked PayPal blog and it was taken offline. But no harm done to main site. Swiss bank PostFinance blocked the account of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange’s. Swiss bank PostFinance web site is attacked and it went offline for almost 16 hours.

The next affected web site is Mastercard. The attack is on The online payments service of Mastercard was lost for a while, But Mastercard not responded to the claims. The latest target is the site of the Swedish prosecutors in Assange’s sexual misconduct trial. This too appears to be offline.

Twitter has also been named as a future attack target, due to its claimed censorship of the #wikileaks hashtag. Facebook remain calm on disconnecting WikiLeaks, Its still available. Let’s see who is the next target.

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