Text Replacement: Cool iPhone Feature

by HEMANTH KUMAR on February 24, 2016

iPhone Text ReplacementWhen you bought your iPhone for a fortune, you should know its features to get most out of it to make your phone usage simpler and easier. There are some useful features of iPhone that most of the users may not know. This is first post on Cool iPhone Feature series to help you become an iPhone power user. Lets see how iPhone Text Replacement feature helps you.

Most of the iPhone users uses their phone heavily for messaging over bunch of social chat platforms. There are lot of keyboards for iPhone with predictive feature, swipe typing etc. Text Replacement is one of the coolest features of your iPhone that make easier to type. Lets see what this feature can do for you.

We use many short forms  like BRB for Be Right Back, OMW for On My Way, K for Okay etc. Your message will be good with full form of text than with short formats, but to type full forms is not easy. Here comes Text Replacement feature to your rescue. This setting gives you texting shorthand that will makes easier to type.

Text Replacement

To enable this setting, Go To Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Text Replacement as shown in the image below.


Then click add “+” on settings, then enter phrase and shortcut as shown in the image below then save it.


Below image show how this Text Replacement shortcuts come handy while typing.


Create shortcuts for phrases that you use frequently on your iPhone and enjoy easy typing.

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