Use SkyDrive for Gmail Attachments

by HEMANTH KUMAR on September 11, 2012

gmail-skydrive-attachmentsWhy you need to use SkyDrive like cloud storage for email attachments? Attachments option comes with your mail is limited, the file size, file type and some other restrictions wont allow you to send any file. When you want to send the same file in the previous mail attachment, you have to search mail to find the file, even though email services providers a good search option, its not as easy as searching in file environment. Here comes the usability of cloud storage, you have larger file size, no file type restrictions(almost all types), upload programs and other features makes your life easy.

Microsoft’s and Hotmail are integrated with SkyDrive, And now using Google Chrome extension, you can use SkyDrive for your Gmail attachments. After installing the Chrome Plugin you have to give access and link Gmail and SkyDrive.


Once the accounts are connected you can send and access SkyDrive files directly in Gmail in Chrome browser. You can create rules to automatically save files receiving and sending in mail attachments in particular folder in SkyDrive, for example “whenever John Doe sends me an attachment, save it to my “Files from John” folder in SkyDrive. You can also use Dropbox, and Google Drive with this plugin, but use SkyDrive, which is integrated in Windows 8.

[via WTB]

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