Microsoft is the new Apple in Ads

by HEMANTH KUMAR on June 14, 2013


Microsoft is aggressively promoting its Windows 8 capabilities with comparing videos with Apple iPad. And they are making traction. Remember the Apple’s “Hi, I’m a Mac” ads, where Apple takes on Microsoft Windows PC’s and benefited of the ads to sell more Macs. Earlier Microsoft ads are not clear to deliver the benefits of its Windows 8, even the Surface launch ads are not good. But now Microsoft is making good ads that shows the exact benefits, like what Windows 8 tablet can do and iPad cannot and the price differences too. And do you know who is speaking for Microsoft? Its Apple’s Siri. This new Microsoft’s ad director is doing a great job, this is what the good marketing. Watch the ads after the break.

Dell Tablet vs. iPad

Comparison: iPad vs. Windows 8 Tablet

Windows 8: Less talking, more doing

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