Schedule Your Windows Shutdown

by HEMANTH KUMAR on November 10, 2010

windows-logoMr. Ballmer is working on his windows system seriously. Mr. Ballmer got a phone call, He want to go out. He don’t want to wait until the tasks completed in his system and shutdown it. But he don’t want to stop the tasks. He just want to shutdown his system after completing the tasks even he is not present at the system. Mr. Ballmer is looking for a simple solution for this. Luckily he got a solution with ShutDown After.

ShutDown After is a simple windows program that gives option to set timer for windows to shutdown, restart, logoff, hibernate and standby.











You can set the timer to shutdown, restart, logoff, hibernate and standby after some time (say after 1 hour 15 min) or at particular time (say 02:00). Its very handy. Using ShutDown After you can set hot keys for shutdown, restart, logoff, hibernate and standby. Its available to download for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 as a freeware.

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