Will Microsoft release its Own Smart Phone?

by HEMANTH KUMAR on June 20, 2012

Windows Phone is a beautiful and intuitive smart phone OS on the world. But the platform is lacking the innovative hardware support. The platform is still growing, We are going to hear more about the future of Windows Phone 8 later today. Microsoft recently announced Surface Tablets which are designed and developed by Microsoft itself, they are beautiful, intelligent and useful, and completely different, that you never seen in the tablets segment before. Microsoft changes its tradition and moved to the hardware to support Windows 8 to get its traction, We didn’t seen better design’s from Windows 8 OEMs. Microsoft entered in to this segment may be to show how to develop a beautiful hardware for its Windows 8, or may be tired of OEMs who are not listening to them. The Competition is getting harder, Apple is delivering eye catching hardware, because it controls everything, its their own in-house grown products. Microsoft exactly need that, to achieve this they stepped in to developing Surface tablets in-house.

Windows Phone OS also need the same type of push, many people are choosing other platforms because of the better hardware specs, and great designs. Microsoft achieved great design with Surface tablet by developing themselves, Will they do same for Windows Phone also?

Probably No. Microsoft has dedicated Windows Phone developer, Nokia. Microsoft invested whopping USD $1 Billion in Nokia. Microsoft may not take the risk of hurting its dear partner. Microsoft said they are doing the Surface Tablet project from last three years, If Microsoft want to build its own smartphone, no point to invest in Nokia. On worst case they may buy Nokia.

But who don’t want to see a beautiful Windows Phone developed by Microsoft with VaporMg finishing like same as Surface Tablet?

Yes, I love to feel the Surface Phone with VaporMg casing. What about you?

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