Windows 8 First Apps Contest

by HEMANTH KUMAR on December 7, 2011

Microsoft announced, Windows 8 First Apps Contest for dovelopers. This contest gives a chance to your apps to be one of the first apps in the Windows Store. We already seens the Developer Preview version of Windows 8 and It got positive feed back. Windows 8 has Metro UI and powers apps like in iPad. Here is a big chance for developers to develop apps for the huge ecosystem and get lots of money.

BuildWindowsContest page saying,

Windows 8 is powered by apps, and we’re excited to see all the great apps our developers will build.

The First Apps contest will select eight winning apps to be the very first apps in the Windows Store when it opens. This is your chance to show off your great app and to be part of an exclusive group of developers invited to participate in the Store when it first opens. The winning developers will also get some goodies to help them build even better apps:

  • A Samsung Windows Developer Preview PC from the BUILD conference, so you can test your apps with touch and sensors
  • One year of Windows Azure, so you can build apps that feel connected and alive
  • A two-year subscription to the Store, so you can continue to update and improve your app

So, if you win, your app will be on store front, you will get a Samsung Windows 8 tablet, One year of Windows Azure (Juice for your app), A two-year subscription for the Stroe. You can develop apps for Windows 8 in C++, .Net, Java Script, HTML5 and more. Downlaod Windows 8 Developer Preview and start developing.

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