Reactions to Windows 8, Positive [Infographic]

by HEMANTH KUMAR on September 28, 2011

Its been a month since Windows 8 is unveiled to the world. We know feed back about Windows 8 is positive. To show more stats about the reactions about Windows 8, MashWork , a social media firm created an infographic based on the peoples tweets after Windows 8 is released. Over all the reactions are positive. 47 per cent are excited about Windows 8 launch. Even though 20 per cent people liked Metro UI, around 50 per cent are optimistic about Windows 8 tablets. People really loved the improved boot time, Xbox live integration and other great features. The sad part in the reactions, people are comparing Windows 8 with iOS and Android. Before comparing you should know that Windows 8 is a full pledged computer OS where as iOS and Android are fully mobile oriented OSes. I am using the Windows 8 Developer Preview from the launch for full time work and its really fantastic even though its in pre beta state. It will still bring more with time. You can download Windows 8 Developer Preview from Microsoft to know how beautiful it is. Check the infographic after the break.

via Winrumors

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