Nokia Lumia 900 running on Windows Phone 7.8

by HEMANTH KUMAR on June 21, 2012

nokia-lumia-900-windows-phone-7.8Microsoft announced the current Windows Phone’s will not be upgraded to Windows Phone 8, instead will get Windows Phone 7.8 to bring the software related features from Windows Phone 8. The first thing we know is the new start screen is available for existing devices. Windows Phone 8 is bringing new hardware and innovative features to developers and amazing improved experience, we are due to the new set of consumer feature’s, will be demonstrated after some months. And you no need to worry, your existing Windows Phone is missing hardware related features, which are not available in the existing hardware and you have Windows Phone 7.8 to rejoice.

Here you can watch the Nokia Lumia 900 running on Windows Phone 7.8 with new start screen.

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