Students, Be the first to have new Windows Phones: Microsoft India

by HEMANTH KUMAR on September 27, 2011

India is no longer a thrid rated country. India is rapidly growing country with huge opportunities in all the segments. Now, World is looking at India. Microsoft given Windows Phones to studnet developers in USA, Some studnets also involved in Windows 8 apps developed before unveling the Developer preview at BUILD. Microsot is started to look at studnets in other countries, eventhough late, its good. Today Microsoft India announced to studnets in India, Build apps for  the latest Windows Phone and get New Windows Phones.

As a studnet all you have to do is, Develop 4 Windows Phone apps and submit them to market place. In the 4 apps you can build one app using AppMakr tool. So, you just develop 3 apps, you will get Windows Phone. Don’t have time to develop 4 apps, Don’t worry, you will still get goodies for developing less than 4 apps. You will get a  Merit Certificate, a Windows Phone T-Shirt and a 2GB USB Flash Drive.

You can download free developer tools, you have a huge support on official Windows Phone forum. Microsft recently released Free e-book to guide developers, ‘A Developer Guide to Build Windows Phone Apps‘. What are you waiting for, Its a great opportunity for the students. If you develop interesting and useful apps, Who knos, you may land a job at Microsoft. Just start developing the apps.

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