Fedora 14 Released With MeeGo Juice, Available for Download

by HEMANTH KUMAR on November 3, 2010

fedora-14Fedora 14 a popular Linux based Operating System, codename Laulghlin is now available for download. Fedora community officially announced the release of Fedora 14. This time Fedora community aimed mostly at developers, system administrators and open source lovers. Its loaded with useful features for developers.

What’s new in Fedora 14?

Fedora 14 includes a software from MeeGo community that enhance Fedora experience in Netbooks and Small Devices.

For desktop users:

  • libjpeg-turbo: load ands save images faster in Fedora 14 than previous versions.
  • Spice: (Simple Protocol for Independent Computing Environments) provides an enhanced remote desktop experience.

For developers:

  • D: Fedora 14 introduces support for D, a system programming language combining the power and high performance of C and C++ with the programmer productivity of modern languages such as Ruby and Python.
  • Memory Debugging Tools: The new gdb-heap package adds a new heap command to /usr/bin/gdb which allows you to get a breakdown of how a process is using dynamic memory.
  • Support for Milkymist: Developers can enjoy developing for Milkymist, an open harware embedded board, on Fedora 14. 

For system administrators:

  • Fedora is now available for users of the Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud service.
  • Apache has been updated and includes a number of module and security fixes.
  • Varnish has been updated and includes improved scalability and a new log function.

And many more features are included.

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