Good Posture to Maintain While Using Laptop at Home, Office and while Traveling

by HEMANTH KUMAR on May 8, 2011


If you are an addicted laptop user or use laptop for extended hours, you need to take care seriously about the sitting posture while using the laptop to avoid pain and tiredness.

if you are using your desktop computer or laptop computer for extended hours it cause pain and tiredness. If you continue to do this without taking care it leads to serious problems on your health. Especially while using laptop you have to follow laptop ergonomics to avoid all these problems.

These nice animated movies by Vodafone help you on how to maintain sitting posture while using laptop at home, office, hotel or while traveling on plane or train. The actions shown in the videos are very simple to do, just follow the tips to avoid pain and tiredness while using laptop.

Using laptop at Home or Office or School

Using laptop while Travelling in Plane or Train or in a Hotel

via labnol

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