India’s Fastest Super Computer by ISRO

by HEMANTH KUMAR on May 12, 2011


India developed its fastest super computer for Aerospace research by ISRO. SAGA-220, a super computer developed by Indian Space Research Organization is inaugurated recently. SAGA-220 is built using commercially available hardware and open source software. Around INR 14 Crore (approx. 3.2 million USD) spent to build this super computer.

SAGA-220 has a theoretical peak performance of 220 Teraflops. To build this super computer, ISRO used around 400 NVIDIA Tesla 2070 graphic processing units (GPUs) and an 400 Intel Quad Core Xeon central processing units (CPUs), supplied by WIPRO. The system is totally environmental green and it consumes only 150 KW of power. SAGA-220 is used to solve complex aerospace problems by space scientists.

When compared to China’s (World’s) fastest super computer Tianhe-1A’s (Milky Way) 2.5 Petaflops and America’s XT5 Jaguar’s 1.75 Petaflops, India’s fastest super computer SAGA-220 perform 0.22 Petaplops. 

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