Nokia Lumia 900 Dark Knight Rises Coming To India on July 6?

by HEMANTH KUMAR on July 4, 2012


Nokia is going to conduct a press conference in New Delhi on July 6. The invitation has a Dark Knight poster in the background. In US and some other countries Nokia launched Dark Knight special edition of Lumia 900, But India is still waiting. Based on the invitation, we can predict that Nokia is going to announce Lumia 900 along with Lumia 610.

This information is not accurate, but India is long waited for Lumia 900. After announcing the update plan for the current Windows Phone platform, Nokia need to clear the stock by this October and launch Windows Phone 8 devices later. Its very late in India, this is the time to launch or never launch more Lumia devices until Windows Phone 8. Nokia need to learn from Samsung, With this fastest changing mobile market, they need to launch the product globally, like Galaxy S3.

if you are a Windows Phone lover, You can buy this devices and no need to worry about not getting Windows Phone 8, instead you will get Windows Phone 7.8 that brings new start screen and other features.

[via BGR]

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